4 Key Reasons to Start a Business In 2018



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When the New Year beckons, people take the time to write down their resolutions. In the last weeks to 2018, a ton of people made resolutions for 2018. For many would-be entrepreneurs, it’s highly likely that their main resolution is to start a business. But starting a business is not easy with the level of competition these days. It requires investing almost all your time, money and effort to ensuring the venture takes off quickly and be a success. There is a lot of hard work and sacrifice required in the initial stages, but if you get through it successfully, you might enjoy the fruits for a long time. If you resolved to start a business in 2018 and you haven’t made the leap yet, here are reasons why you need to take the plunge now:

a)   There is a ton of resources out there to help you start a business

Over the years, one of the main things that have prevented many want-to-be entrepreneurs from taking the plunge was lack of knowledge and support. With the expansion of the internet, support systems for entrepreneurs are unlimited. The internet is littered with websites that are dedicated to helping would-be-entrepreneurs to actualize their dreams of starting small businesses. Examples of websites that are dedicated to helping would-be-entrepreneurs to actualize their dreams include Entrepreneur, AllBusiness, and TaskRabbit. Also, cities these days have set up incubator and accelerator communities that offer mentorship and funding to promising entrepreneurs with big business ides. On top of all that, there are lots of apps that make running a business on a fly easy, such as Shopify, Evernote, Dropbox, Salesforce, and Square.

b)   You can start a small business without having to quit your 9-5 job

Quitting a 9-5 job to start a business is a risky proposition. If the venture backfires, you lose everything. However, the growth of the internet has enabled people to start small businesses online while maintaining their 9-5 jobs. This is good because you keep the safety of a salary, as you build cashflow and confidence in the business. As long as you are not launching a business that directly competes with your employer, your boss will not have any issues when you run a side hustle. Your employer will even be happy because you’re developing a new skill without them having to pay you.

c)    It’s a good time to start a business due to the huge gaps in the market

Most would-be-entrepreneurs get discouraged from starting their own businesses because they think that the best business ideas have already been harnessed. This is a completely wrong perception. With the deep internet penetration, new business ideas are plenty online. For example, the third party money transfer systems available have not spread their tentacles enough to satisfy the entire population. There is also a gap in the security of these third-party payment systems. The opportunities are simply endless.

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d)   It’s the perfect time to start a business because you can sell anywhere in the world

The internet technology has enabled many local businesses to go global and increase their customer base. This means more sales and higher profit margins. Today, you can set up an online business and sell products or services beyond borders without paying any tariffs. Examples of businesses that have taken advantage of the global market include Amazon, eBay, and Alibaba. These e-commerce websites rake in billions of dollars annually by facilitating the sale of products and services across the world.


There is one thing that supersedes the reasons discussed above: Passion. Passion is essential when looking to start and run any business. It will get you going despite the hurdles you stumble across along the way. Passion will make you wake up early to run your business and actualize your goals. So if you don’t have passion, try to manufacture it.